About Us

About A Mom’s Journey

We are Canadian owned and operated. Our office is located in beautiful Windsor, Ontario, Canada. A diverse city, right across the river from Detroit, and best known for our pizza.

Family is at the heart of everything we do atA Mom’s Journey. Helping new Moms grow as mothers and individuals is our passion and priority. Check out our BLOG to stay up-to-date on the latest health, beauty and fitness tips for Moms

Each week,A Mom’s Journey owner Isabel, hand picks her favourite products to offer our newsletter subscribers a special deal on. You’ll love her honest review of each pick and the deals to go along with it. Sign up for our NEWSLETTER HERE to receive your own exclusive discount you can use on your next purchase.

About our CEO

Hi, I’m Isabel, CEO ofA Mom’s Journey. I moved to Canada from Chile in 2012 where I was a professor in mathematics and physics. But my dream was to move to Canada, where I could start a family and a business of my own. 

It was shortly after moving to Windsor (and improving my English) that I met my husband. We have an adorable 3 year-old son, with big beautiful brown eyes, and a brand new baby girl that I’m trying hard not to spoil.

As I’m sure you can relate, with a new young family, it’s important for me to know and trust the products I bring into my home. I also understand how hard it can be for Mom’s to keep up-to-date on the latest trends in baby products and personal care… I mean, let’s face it - even keeping up with the minimum personal care… like washing our hair, can be hard some days. 

Building a community of Mom’s for support, entertainment, and education has helped me grow as a Mom and a person. Being around these wonderful women who have questions of their own, but can also offer answers and insight, has made a big difference for me which is why our budding Mom Community here onA Mom’s Journey will always be a priority. 

Never forget;  the joy is in the journey.